• The reason I posted this was because I had read a study that determined that narcissism was tied to parents, who told their children that they were better than others. The point I did not determine was if every time a child was told by his/her parents that they were better than other people, did this mean they would be narcissistic? And underlying this was the question of what kind of narcissism, are we dealing with the personality disorder or just a predisposition toward narcissism? One thing I see as most determinate is the sense, as I mentioned in another story here, that we are unable or unwilling to empathize the consequences of our combined effect as a capitalist nation on others and thus events like COVID, climate change, California fires are bring catastrophes home to create empathy that just might make us human beings with hearts and souls.

      • I also hope some empathy and positive change will come out from our current world problems. Are the California fires now under control? Is the air quality improving in your area?

      • We had a 27 air quality day, from days that had been 277. But, I am told now is the beginning of fire season. But the last 4 days have been perfect. Running the Rim Trail today.

      • I am glad you can do exercise outdoors again and thus relax. We, human beings, need nature so bad because we are part of it. To me Nature is God, the force of creation. Let us hope we learn to value that instead of keeping up with massive destruction of our planet and of ourselves. 🙏

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