1. I know this feeling of powerlessness. Many times you said I am a strong woman, but I am also vulnerable and too emotional, too unstable with so many ups and downs. Yet we must go on through these uncertain times. I need to believe there is a little light at the end of the tunnel we are now in, worldwide. Both the US and Spain have become failed states by now. Catalonia is becoming more enslaved snd repressed day by day. Trump is ruining everything, but Sánchez and the whole Spanish oligarchy as well. No wonder the US has the highest number of Covid 19 infections and deads worldwide. In Europe, however, Spain is the worst too. Some things will have to change in our world for better, necessarily. We need to be patient and never lose hope. Yoga and meditation help us. Ever tried those?

      • They said they live here but wanted to visit B, but could not at the moment given the quarantines. They were very Barcelonian. Thick with accents and wearing beige. I bet they related to CAL. Students or lecturers, professors. Wonderful people.

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