1. Beautiful music with changing modes. You have definitely reached your personal style. I remember you used to ride up Mount Diablo with your bicycle. I was tempted to do it as well. And I said I would. It was the first time I had a bike while I was visiting the Bay Area. But then I decided to go somewhere greener like the Joaquin Miller Park, which I love. So these are the memories this piece of music brings me back. By the way, I love this music and I think it might be something for you too:

    • I remember that building in France and watched as the apertures closed or the great basement chambers, which housed an art show. The song is familiar to me, a cover? She did it well. A dream I have is to play in one of the churches in Paris, where I heard Chopin being played.

      • So glad you enjoyed the music. I also love Chopin’s piano concerts. That experience in the Parisian church must have been wondrous and unique.

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