Sorrowful (Lyrics by Mario Savioni of Ashot Danielyn’s Dark Sorrow)

Sorrowful (Lyrics by Mario Savioni of Ashot Danielyn’s Dark Sorrow)

This time, I mention you,


Out to the furtherest bell in the sea

The sky light falls beneath the earth

And everything is still.

Waves barely beat upon the 

Surface, their light little smiles

Disappearing in the dark

Their bodies barely rolling in the sand

The mood is turning light into dust.

The fires are burning and most of us 

Can barely breathe.

I reach out to you,

Can you hear me?

Somewhere in the night, I call

Somewhere in the night, I whisper to you.

Somewhere, somewhere, I think of you.

The sea leaks out

Then comes back,

Over and over.

You’d think our lives would change,

But they do not.

We were put here to work and 

Not complain.

But, the work we do is beautiful.

It is teaching others of the Earth to be.


  1. Wow, this is an amazing project, Mario! Ashot Danielyan’s music is pure magic and the way you two have worked is fantastic. Congrats to you both! 👏 And your voice reminds Sergi and me of Leonard Cohen.

      • You are welcome. I already told Sergi. We both think your singing technique has greatly improved. I am particularly fascinated by this Sorrowful project. Between minute 1:21 and 1:29 I almost got goosebumps from the combination of Danielyan’s music and your singing. I think it is when you sing words like “the mood is turning light into dusk”. I am not sure if I understand all the words in English though. Could you perhaps include your lyrics?

    • I love the lyrics too, Mario. Sheer poetry.
      Thank you! This morning I have ridden my bicycle to our closest beach. Apart from Sergi and me there were 4 friends of ours, so we were 6 people altogether, the highest number allowed in our country for social interactions because of Covid 19 restrictions. We meet every Sunday for a bicycle tour, very relaxing, and so we have become a stable group with almost zero risk of infecting each other.
      I have let my naked body float on the waves of the sea and, for a moment, have thought of your post here. I was the only person swimming. I must have been a fish or any sort of water animal in a previous life, haha! I have also done some yoga exercises plus dancing and a bit of singing while the others were talking, strolling on the beach or simply looking at the waves and breathing fresh air. “But, the work we do is beautiful./
      It is teaching others of the Earth to be.” Love this! Thank you again for sharing so much Truth and Beauty!

      • I am so happy you like the writing. I love that you can get to a beach in Barcelona. I finally did that one day, walk to it from my hotel. It was like discovering a Disneyland. It elevates Barcelona to one of the most amazing cities, which could be said of any European city. Europe is stratospherically beautiful. I had some Italians last night and they added so much light and greatness to the evening. That sounds like so much fun. I finally finished my work week. Will try to run today. The winds were supposed to be 50-70 MPH, but I am not hearing it.

      • Oh, and the line about work in the poem is a reference to work in the COVID era, which is much harder and where companies have taken advantage of workers and workers’ rights have been diminished, but I like how you have shed positive light, which is what you do. Inevitably, if we can survive, there is so much that is amazing about life.

  2. My mother has just listened to your song. I haven’t told her it is you and she has reacted exactly like me: fascinated. She says your voice has great emotional depth. Although she does not understand English she has found your singing superb, so moving. Your style has also reminded her of Leonard Cohen’s. Then she has asked me to translate your lyrics into Catalan and she has liked the words very much. She says: congrats, Mario, and keep up with your beautiful singing!

  3. Just listened now, I do love folk songs and this is deep. Great lyrics you placed over this music. I can also see the Cohen reference. I’m happy that at least out of this you have inspiration and music to help you through. Congrats xx

  4. I watched the Shark song again and your list of songs that day and how you memorized all those pieces. You are special Charlotte. As you mention “at least out of this…,” which to me implies that you might not be having a good time in this period of invisibility. I hope that is not true and your man and you are doing well. You deserve success. Sadly, it seems life is more interested in lessons and developing character, which is reinforced over and over. Thank you for your congratulations. – Mario

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