1. Beatifully profound, a well-written essay with bits of your lovely prose-poetry. You wouldn’t be a poet if you were not in love with Beauty, so it is understandable that you are more interested in how language is crafted rather than in the content itself. I share with you my love for Beauty. However, at the same time, I look for depth of content. If I am interested in both Beauty and content that makes me someone who rereads and rereads… silently and loudly (for musicality). Again and again.

    I also share with you my love for Plath’s, Joyce’s, T.S.Eliot’s, Zukofsky’s and Hass’s works. By Zukofsky’s I especially love his poem Mantis. I also enjoyed Hass’s The Apple Trees at Olema. As I wanted to read poets from your area while visiting I came across this book. Another poet of your area I love is Janice Mirikitani and her book Love Works. Know her?

    Never heard of Louise Glück. However, I like the way you are reasoning about her poetry and poetry in general. As I said above, your essay is beautifully profound and well-written, that is, well-structured and well-reasoned. And your tiny bits of prose-poetry are most lovely. I have enjoyed that paragraph where you define a poet as “…a keen observer. He is scurrying around gathering scraps. He measures the light in the neighborhood. He hears music and sees shadow. He sees the humming bird appear and disappear…” That whole paragraph is very beautiful, breathtaking and musical.

    As I am a water lover I always enjoy your metaphors which refer to that element.

    I also like your interpretation of the “English professors” that “have taken their gowns to the laundry”. Yes, they can be the judges cleansing their bad judgements, oh my, this is wonderful, Mario!

    I love to look at “the space between ladder rungs.”

    Hugs, Marta

  2. I am so glad the essay works. I never feel like I can write an essay. Yes, I do love how people write things and certainly I care about content too, it’s the point of the message. I don’t think we write things just to be pretty. We write them to communicate, but like an attorney, it’s his ability to convey information and the quality of that conveyance that separates attorneys.

    I am impressed that you read for melody and dance. I am not much for how the thing plays so much as how it moves like a snake through the mind.

    Glad you’ve read all of those poets. Have not read “Mantis” that I remember.

    I think I know Janice from school or maybe it is just the name of a famous politician.

    Surprising you hadn’t heard of Glück. She just won the Nobel for poetry.

    I can’t believe my essay has so much value. I didn’t know if I was succeeding. I am especially glad that the description of the poet found your ear as satisfying.

    The musicality of the Strand poem should appeal to you. It has such a beautiful flow.

    Thank you again for your usual immediacy and successful assessment. You answered all my questions. – M

    • I am also for literature “as how it moves like a snake through the mind.” I think I try to observe every single aspect, emotionally and intellectually, with all my senses.

      Now that you said it… yes, I remember having read an article on Louise Glück and her winning the Nobel prize for literature. Her surname, which means luck in German, seems to accompany her success.

      You write beautifully, Mario. Just keep doing it. You are incredibly multifaceted and original!

    • You are welcome. She, Sergi and I love you too, and Àngels, whom you met in Barcelona at the Ciutadella Park, loves you too. She keeps on playing her guitar and singing beautifully. We all say hello to you and hope we can all meet again some day. 😊

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