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  1. Oh, my God, Mario, your mother was very beautiful in this picure! Both your words and hers in the poem are so heartfelt. This post has made me cry inside my heart. In addition, there are a few things I can relate to my mother and to myself. I so want her to live as happily as possible. Yet, I see she is getting older with increasing backpain. I wonder if it would not be better Sergi and I lived closer to her, or that she moved to our town. But the thing is our workplaces are either in Sant Boi or in the next town. Our friends, our lives… everything is in Sant Boi. And my mother’s life, house, friends… everything is in Rubí. I know these are no big distances in the U.S. It is like driving from one city or town in the Bay Area to another. However, the public transport connection between Sant Boi and Rubí is too long and I don’t drive, so I am currently visiting her every Saturday taking a taxi. Now we cannot meet in the house in Barcelona due to Covid 19 restrictions. Sergi cannot come with me in the taxi because the police could stop us. I carry a special permission where it says I take care of elderly people because my mother, even though you would never tell, is 80 and lives alone, and needs her only daughter beside. It is curious you posted this marvelous photo and words from yours and your mother precisely yesterday, November 26, the day many years ago my mother said yes to my father and both started a wonderful love relationship. Later on they got married and sometime after I was born. I think both you and I have felt a strong responsibility toward our mothers. I am convinced you did the right things at that time because, as you say, you could not have your mother living in your small appartment and with Alzheimer’s the only way was a nursing home. I try to do the right things too with my mother, but I tend to worry too much. The current Covid 19 restrictions make it more difficult. Anyway, I so love this beautiful homage to your mother. I hope your sister is fine. Greetings from Sergi, my mother and me. – Marta

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