1. I remember Lake Merritt very well. My friend Audrey’s place is not far from there. Your music brings me good memories, but also sad ones. There were many homeless people around the lake, especially under a bridge.

    • Yes, the homeless, and to get there, you pass homeless, and the homeless are everywhere, entire blocks of them. At this point, or very soon, I feel help is drying up. So many haven’t paid their rent. So, there will be many more. I speak like I am safe, but work is out again. At least there is the hope of vaccines. Still, perhaps the society is unraveling. I watched Piketty’s Capital documentary and we have a like scenario for revolution. Hopefully, we don’t indulge war to get out. The sacrifices were deadly. But, it’s all happening again. Our system simply has to involve progressive tax on the rich.

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