East West

I improvised this piano and erhu piece on New Year’s Eve 2021 with an eye on the need for a bridge between the East and West, where eclectic circumstances can bring aesthetic events. The connection between all peoples is catharsis. Our bodies are sensually affined.


  1. Beautiful innovation with the erhu that definitely gives your piece an Asian style. Both instruments combine perfectly. Such a soothing melody is a delight to welcome this New Year. It keeps lit the candle of Hope, which helps us light the other three candles that we constantly seem to extinguish: Peace, Faith and Love.

    • I am so flattered Marta for you to have gotten up and heard it. I just played it off my balcony to the usual silence. I think it might be too long, like a beating on the head into the New Year. But, maybe because only a few may have gotten a piece of the work, having it be so long, might have accomplished the task of giving them enough time to deal with it. Thank you again for taking the time. Apparently, we’ve got lots of time.

      • I admit I got more excited during the first minutes of your piece, but I think it is good just the way you played it. This kind of music has a calming effect and that is beautiful.

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