1. This is a torrent of beautifully expressed poignant lines. Philosophical, existentialist reflections on our current world that you link to your great friendship with David Agasi and
    with your personal experience. So sorry to hear such a brilliant photographer lives off food stamps.

    • Thank you Marta, you are always so encouraging! I do love the solidaiity and length of the clear push of an attitude and perspective, and yet as if by magic the maudlin breath is pushed away by the real nature of life, which is hopeful and fun. This, of course, is not present in the piece, but always comes as life is on a state of equilibrium, or works toward it. I met someone last night, for example, who has made me experience passion.

      • So glad you met a person who made you feel passion. No doubt this wonderful experience will give you further inspiration for any of your future literary or artistic works. Yay!

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