1. Very deep reflections on today’s unequal world based on gig economy, which increases the rich-poor gap. I am sure you would be a terrific philosophy, law, language and literature teacher, Mario. If we, human beings, are passionate about something we become very good at what we like most. The problem is that our current society wants titles and other burocratic procedures that disregard those self-thought people like you. That is most unfair. And yes, employers put too much pressure on employees. What you tell about those employees being exhausted, having bike accidents, ending up with memory problems in intensive care units… How unfair! By the way, I have my mother’s spirit and am not practical either. Luckily I could get a teaching job that matches my creative soul with having enough money to live. But I realize “do what you love and money will come” is not the case with many still invisible artists and writers like your case. However, you seem to have reach a balance between the work at the restaurant that brings you money and the artistic-literary work you do in your free time. Perhaps it is the best to do in your situation. I know that very well because my husband Sergi is in a similar situation.

    Interesting post. Will keep reading it till the end. Must go to work now.

      • You are welcome, Mario. I think your piece is really insightful and your personal experience makes it more interesting reading. You bring vividness to the text when you describe personal life events and thus create empathy with the reader. Good job! Marta.

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