He likes how the music seems to loop


Inspired by: The Gift of Life 
by Andrea L. Harris

(See: http://thepublicblogger.com/2013/08/31/the-prelude-to-the-right-to-life-introducing-andrea-l-harris-blunted-master-ent/)

He likes how the music seems to loop

As does the poem

Letting liars lie

Enjoying life.

The phrase

“How hard the fallen

Everything” came to him

Right after

“The wind blows…”

And “The Sun’ll come out tomorrow,”

Was another additive to the coffee.

Did you have to put the elderly in?

He’s already half-way

To the end of life

And the end doesn’t look promising.

He thinks the elderly would rather be dead.

Their bodies get so frail that

What their bodies must say to them

Is like a bad hangover coupled with a

Lack of memory,

“Which is good,” he says, “if you don’t want to remember,

“But being alive is remembering.”

He says, “Put that in your coffee.”

Do flowers really bloom?

He thinks they just come that way.

And what is “Love’s hate?”

Is that possible in a rhyme?

He means the whole idea and all,

“There’s nothing melodic.”

He doesn’t cry when a child is born.

He cries that he doesn’t want one.

He doesn’t want anything to do with the responsibility.

There’s a rub:

“Aren’t there enough?” he says.

“Free will?” he asks;

“Have you ever been to a supermarket like Whole Foods?”

If he has the money,

He always finds something.

He doesn’t know how you can look into your heart.

His stomach is too full.

It takes over his thoughts and

Certainly there is nothing in between.

He hears that men think about sex

Every 15 seconds.

“That’s pretty awesome,” he says.

“And women are always

“Complaining about men.

“Hey, if you can run the world

“While thinking about sex every

“15 seconds, and drinking beer,

“And watching football, then

“Men are pretty awesome,” he says.

“No, there is nothing deeper.” he says.

“And I can prove it,

“Sun notwithstanding,

“Or falling,

“Or racing across the sky

“As if it had an appointment.”

In My Cousin’s Basement

Smiths’ or Stalward’s school books, Indian pots, potpourri, reed basket, oil lamp, wooden birds on forest fallen tree piece, bowl and tray with Indian pot drawing, “Choice Family Lard” can, Union Leader Smoking Tobacco, Pedro cut plug smoking Tobacco, Deer Hunter’s Handbook, Porcelain Tea Kettle, playing cards, snow shoes, deer rack (horn), rocking chair, navy blue early American sofa, trout pillow, heap of pillows, various colors, metal kettle sticks jutting out, wooden mallard, antique wooden refrigerator, glass front, brass handles that lift up, fishing poles on a rack of deer’s hooves pointed up, old wooden skis, ski poles, bubble gum machine, trout in a sardine can, metal-fisherman-catching-a-fish sculpture, wood trout on a piece of wood, fishing basket full of dried flowers, framed fish (trout) picture, trout lights, canoe paddle, “It’s Time to Go Fishing” clock, bar, refrigerator, candle, wooden duck on a wood pedestal, pheasant picture, bob sled, ski poles, old saloon piano, stuffed pheasant, kerosene lamps, deep (real buck) head, antique chair, my bike, but front wheel still in the car trunk, ceramic container full of biking gear, old fire extinguishers, animal trap, warning to thieves, thugs, fakirs… Deer horns, hats, coats, fishing pole, bear with fishing pole, chair, quilt-covered sliding glass door (to open-air garage, to the right is a sticky, crackly black widow spider web), chest of drawers, wooden mallard, red candle on black holder, plaid cloth across, spiral staircase, brown carpet, antique student chair with table attached behind, books (3), apple (wooden) on top barbed wired coiled and hung on the wood paneled walls, another “Gone Fishing” reeds, wooden fisherman, dried flowers, silver star on wood, Total Gym Pro, chair holder with seat pad, trout statues (wood), electric tooth brush plugged into the wall (mine), wooden framed, cabinet with 8 kinds of rifles, kerosene lamp, gray candle, boning knife, wooden mallards, forest (yellows, bright oranges, greens pointillist painting on wood, match holder on brick wall, cooper pot, saw, bigger copper pot, large copper container, pine cones, dried flowers in a basket. Boom, old irons (4), pith and mortar (2), Sun Oak 17-C stove, fire place, with metal kettles sitting on top, rocking chair, wooden coffee tables, candles, sticks, Montana picture book, wooden cabinet, tools, screwdrivers, fishing baskets, deer head, fishing net, fishing poles, shot sun, kerosene lamp, wooden fishing pole, sofa bed.

Annual Christmas gifts, antique store family chief of police grandfather doesn’t drive whenever he arrested drunk he’s taken home in a wheel barrow.

Talked to Flip 20 minutes. She’d lost her husband, daughters, and son in one fell swoop. Black fire place, Asian inlaid coffee table, large golden medallion, white carpet, black square throw rugs, artificial flowers, beige sofa, darker brown design, red throws, Asian sunset set, graph she chose for color.

Jane rode on horse for four hours from cabin to ranch with Briana, little girl who donned a Gatsby hat and sat on a log in front of a silver trunked Aspen and looked up at I took her picture. She’s going to be one of those pretty girls in a small town who drives fast and breaks hearts. As I was looking at Pam’s Indian artifacts in a glass case, Briana was arranging her hair and donning hats and looking into an antique mirror.

Deer in town fish whistle, competing lots of fish throws line in a boat teased a kid so much he wouldn’t talk to Randy and Jim anymore. Deck and as big as my apartment facing mountain ridge, people across the street are having a garage sale.

Own car, Vallejo, Richmond Parkway, Clutch slipped car wouldn’t move, off ramp tow truck, back to Oakland. Got rental at Bridgeport Hotel, Gold Century, no CD player, drove to Oxford, got Intrepid, odometer read 500 miles and CD player. Back to own car at Bridgeway. Told man to keep if for two weeks. He can’t see it for one week. Got Gatorade, water, toothpaste out of car at gas station, fresh lavender, picked up bicycle at front Bridgeport parking lot, loaded car, CDs, drove to Ashland, 4-9:15PM. Bathroom run only, no food, ate cashew chicken before departing, Tina heated homemade Ravioli, honeydew, grapes, root beer in a frozen mug that slushed the beverage. Talked. Bedtime 2AM, woke 7AM; showered, drove to Bull’s Meadow to the 100 year old cabin, shot images, people sleep there for vacation and for cattle drives. Missed pancake breakfast and dinner yesterday due to car breaking down. Tina’s home for lunch, drove to cousin’s wife’s mother’s ranch last barn passing in Siskiyou County (as a community, they build a barn (pic) walls 5-6 stories high, they pulled up with rope and horses. Filled with hay bales, 2000 acres at Table Rock, soda springs, fresh clear water, house A-frame, made of logs from land, 10-years of cut logs from cabin sawed in he mill he bought. Got cow heads (5) from area where they lay dead cows strewn about, Drove in open-sided International Jeep, red upholstery, white. Down dirt roads, got mud in my feet/leg as we drove threw water. Shot group (Brier, Pam, Jean, Tina, Briana, Jenner, Raven (Pat McManus (Character), rancher’s dogs at Slims’ bachelor party, men smoking cigars, dogs everywhere. Bachelor house, before wives get involved. Man who is blind but drives, got in an accident checking the mail, Limon Stantan, in ditch flipped car, broke ribs, crawled to highway, was found. Phone tree call each other. Should get together with woman (blind) who calls him. Drinking Corona smelling barbecue steak, looking at a lawn of only clover, no weeds, smooth, hot pink petunia (the wave only two plants over runs pot), Begonias (red), pink Impatients, Fuchsia, Dbelia, Verbena, Marigold (yellow), waterfall, Quaking Aspen Trees (wind blows, they reflect), Marguerites (yellow blue), iceberg roses, Japanese maple ferns, perfectly manicured, cone flowers, Gerbera daisies.

My two cousins, search and rescue workers spent 20 minutes talking about a missed right turn (wife of one and I laugh). Got mud in my feet not touching the ground but driving in a jeep. “See you at Black Bear Diner,” I tell my cousin’s wife’s mother as we leave the ranch. My cousin tells me they’ve got the worst food at Black Bear, but when I drove into town I saw lots of heads with the short, curly hair of women who have to die it to keep it from getting gray. Our dinner consisted of salad with romaine, tomatoes, raddicho from the garden, garbonzos, yellow bells, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, mushrooms, carrots, corn on the Cobb. The Kernels sprung with turgidity. From the garden, steaks marinated couletts (sirloin ends on barbecue) with fresh rosemary, sour dough rolls, Corona, prawns in cocktail sauce, strawberry shortcake with gourmet jellybeans – my addition.

To me love is finding someone you wish you didn’t have to live without.

Sleeping in a roomful of fishing nick knacks, my father’s medical books: Studies in the Psychology of Sex by Havelock Ellis, Physiological Basis of Medical Practice, Gray’s Anatomy, Textbook of Clinical Parasitology – Belding; Mitchel-Nelson’s Textbook of Pediatrics, Cabot & Adams’ Physical Diagnosis, Strokes, Treatment of Heart disease, Principles of Chemistry, Principles of Renal Physiology, Aortography by Wibarr Stirling, Diabetes Mellitus, Cardiac Diagnosis by Rushmer, Callander’s surgical Anatomy-Anson and Maddock, Abnormal Psychology, Man’s Back by Theodore A. Willis, Fundamentals of Cytology- Sharp, A Primer of Electro Cardiography, The Medical Clinics of North America, The writer’s Guide and Index to English, Physical Geology, The Practice o f Urology, Principles of Modern Biology, The Machinery of he Body, Plant Biology, Modern College Physics, General Physiology – Mitchell, General Genetics, Death Mechanisms Causes and Certification – Morehard, Differential Diagnosis of chest Diseases by Singer, Zinsser Textbook of Bacteriology, Chemistry, Essentials of Orthopedics, Textbook of Gynecology, Histology, Principles of Internal Medicine, Giffords Textbook of Ophthalmology, Stress by Selye, Wooden Ducks in the Bookshelf, Porcelain Egg, Book on Shasta, Mule Deer, The Kingdom with a deer in front, green candle, metal stage coach (miniature), pheasants, fake Christmas tree, collection of Glenn Miller in white grand Cherokee toward Oregon dry cowboy hills yellow buck brush, green way gray serpentine earth Anderson grade summit deer signs <> asbestos, won Jean women’s mountain biking race. Tina won in her age group.

Dad’s false teeth too much to drink, own saw mills, logging, resting on Chaise lounge, sick, sister went into bathroom, poop, dad feeling sick runs into bathroom, knocks screen door off hinge, threw up in toilet, lost his teeth lifts toilet out of the way, “My God, there are my teeth!” “You’re not going to use them?” “Oh yes, I am. It’ll save me $200 bucks.” He boiled them. Jokingly, they would say: “I’ve got such a bad taste.” See Dad, it ‘s those shity teeth.

Ashland, Stalwart’s House, waterfall, an acre, pool, installed sprinklers, brilliant many turns, gray house, white shutters, walked around, shopped, ate polenta, pizza, beer, smoothie, watched Sally throw up, ate caramel apples, watermelon shaved ice, flawless diamond, cherry pie, marsala chicken, brown rice. Claustrophobia, search and rescue east side of Mt. Shasta, 5-9:39PM, not hurt, supposed to be back by morning. 11,000 feet, 92 year old man, walking up to meet him, moon’s up, orange, slipped on ice. – Mario Savioni (c) 2002