Short Cuts

“It’s the dark side,” Tim mentioned. “How does a perfectly good human being, who cares about people watch a movie about a girl in Vienna, who attended a fake agent interview only to be persuaded to take off her clothes for a stranger, insert a dildo in her vagina on camera, give the stranger a blow-job, and then proceed to allow him to f**k her?”

From what the perfectly good human being can remember, she was willing to do this because of the promise of money and a trip to America for a month of acting in ten movies at a wage of $1000-$5000 a piece. What Viennese beauty wouldn’t be willing to subject herself to this?

“As soon as she walked in the door, she was in the adult film industry,” Tim said, “and she had no idea.”

Tim looked at Marvin, who was looking down at the coffee table that reflected the face of a man who had seen such a movie. Marvin saw both the manipulation of the woman, where the fake agent even employed a female translator to talk to the ‘skinny model,’ and his own arousal, like a drug, and he knew the complicity of the viewer and the interviewer as co-conspirators where money seemed to be the factor of submission.

“What do we know about these places?” Tim asked. “Why are perfectly beautiful women drawn into these situations, where most already have jobs, or who could attract anybody they wanted?” Marvin continued to look into the reflective glass wanting to be in another place altogether, but he was stuck there seeing how his fears were being played out. “We are all guilty,” Marvin thought to himself. “I don’t know how I can get rid of this need, where I don’t make enough money to satisfy my needs ‘normally,’ where a lack of money is what drives me to these short cuts. It would seem the woman and I meet eventually, both of us unwitting strangers.”