The Moon Breathes


Igor Iofe & Thomas Nakas | Trumpet & Piano, Lyrics by Mario Savioni April 26, 9:55PM, 2022

Today, the moon breathes.
I implore you to explore you
Under the night air,
Through the garden, where
Eden wanders,
Damp and slightly cold.

You might find him enchanting,
Even willing.

I beg you whisper.
Draw your clothes
Across his hand.
Tell him you find him compelling.
Tell him you would be amenable:
Start the dance.

Even two people, who are not perfect
Can be friends
Friends for a while
And then lovers
But only if you both have grown.

Don’t waste his time if you are not ready.
You cannot also expect him to be ready.
People make decisions.
They have to make them alone.
They have to keep making them too.
I speak of my girlfriend,
As to protecting her heart.
That is my job as a lover.
I am the keeper of her joy.

No one is tied to another.
It is just that you have to try.

Love is an action,
A series of protections.
It means to keep yourself out of the way.
It is you who are learning,
By loving someone other than you.

A woman can do that,
A man can too.
My girlfriend teaches me to love.
She shows me how to grow.