Black Like Me

My position on the woman (Rachel Dolezal) who impersonates a Black woman and no one being the wiser proves a very important point. Apparently, there is no difference. Being Black is that narrow a margin of physicality and manners that it begs the question, is there a difference? I say there is no difference, and we have to support that position. When I see a Black person, I must say to myself, “There is no difference,” because this woman proves it to me. The difference is an illusion brought on by a desire to appear better than someone, who is truly Black out of an insecurity on the part of someone who is not Black in the midst of a delusion of economic and political scarcity, which is heniously employed by those who control our world. The dynamic of the powerful helping the weak is an inevitable outcome of time and consequences of hoarding. Monopolistic hoarding, AKA Capitalism, is unsustainable. Even in business, you have to cater to customer needs. What do we need more in society than equality? This is a spiritual demand. Democracy is life sustaining and vigorous, promissorial and delightful. Our future is paved with color blindness and an economy based on individual gifts and purpose. The Black woman is me. She is all of us. None of us see from outside in, but from inside out.