Sorrowful (Lyrics by Mario Savioni of Ashot Danielyn’s Dark Sorrow)

Sorrowful (Lyrics by Mario Savioni of Ashot Danielyn’s Dark Sorrow)

This time, I mention you,


Out to the furtherest bell in the sea

The sky light falls beneath the earth

And everything is still.

Waves barely beat upon the 

Surface, their light little smiles

Disappearing in the dark

Their bodies barely rolling in the sand

The mood is turning light into dust.

The fires are burning and most of us 

Can barely breathe.

I reach out to you,

Can you hear me?

Somewhere in the night, I call

Somewhere in the night, I whisper to you.

Somewhere, somewhere, I think of you.

The sea leaks out

Then comes back,

Over and over.

You’d think our lives would change,

But they do not.

We were put here to work and 

Not complain.

But, the work we do is beautiful.

It is teaching others of the Earth to be.

“With more than 200,000 dead in the U.S., why does Donald Trump tweet, ‘Don’t be afraid of COVID!”

I just wanted to share what I feel is a major breakthrough regarding a Republican coming to his senses about our President.

About 13 hours ago I wrote a comment about an answer to the following question: “With more than 200,000 dead in the U.S., why does Donald Trump tweet, ‘Don’t be afraid of COVID!”

I said: “Great answer. I am just waiting for the rank and file Republicans to realize that they are being lead down a road that has no amusements for them. At some point they may feel guilty. But, I also feel that the narcissistic personality is what we have become as a country. I always base our health in the statement, “Oh well, they are too far away for me to help them.” What this means is that in our being number one in terms of consumption of the worlds’ resources has lead us to be indifferent to those, who support our lifestyle. When someone dies we have to be able to empathize with their passing. I don’t think we have this. We think we are better than everyone else.

Trump is a byproduct of having been told that he is better. It is what creates a narcissist. I understand his childhood was pressured by his father. He was created.

I have met a number of sociopaths and psychopaths and there’s no way to argue with them. They aren’t like us. They have realities that don’t consider other people.

We are going down the same road I went with other mentally ill, you cannot stop them until they make a mistake or until someone stops them. I have a feeling that many people will be sacrificed until this stops. It’s just like Hitler or Mussolini or any thug leader.

It’s about the power and until that is taken away, they are going to want more and more until they have it all. I have read that behind the narcissist is a “fragile self-esteem that is vulnerable to the slightest criticism…” and they “have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation.”

It will take the Republicans to finally come around and help us vote him out or we could have problems we may not overcome as a country. We have no idea how much damage he has caused. Isolating us from our allies, increasing our debt, undermining social security and medicare, helping Russia and China, and in this particular issue, of all the people who have died and will die because of his tact on COVID-19. I thought Bush was bad.”

A Republican responded to my comment: “You are so right. I have to say that I am now very ashamed of myself for voting for this man (if that’s what he is).”

He says, “We shouldn’t live in fear of it, but I can guarantee you that none of us will get to go to Walter Reed and get the best treatment available and the most expensive drugs on the market.

“Donald Trump has absolutely no concern for anyone else. That little ‘joyride’ stunt he pulled put all of the people who are willing to take a bullet for him, and their families, at extreme risk. I find it appalling that he would treat heroes who are willing to die for him like that. It’s disgusting.

“What’s even more concerning is that I think we all know he is setting the stage to claim the election was rigged if he loses. He will demand a recount of all votes, especially mail-in ballots. That process could take weeks, during which time he will remain in the White House and continue to believe he is President, even is he has lost.I can only hope and pray that our military leaders will step in and remove him if it gets out of hand,” (Mollo).