Brawn vs. Finesse, My Opinion of Basketball

I don’t want to appear as having sour grapes, but there is a disappointment I feel in the loss by the Warriors in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. To me it feels like basketball is a sport, where the biggest man or a man of sufficient weight and girth can push his way up to the hoop and force the ball in. The other team members have a fairly unlikely chance of dissuading him because it would be that one of them would touch LeBron James’ hand or arm, etc., and foul him. The chances are very good, that he couldn’t be stopped. On the other hand, a man, who can shoot many three-point shots from a distance is less likely to succeed against the certainty of a such a rush into and shooting in close range.

I was watching Draymond Green’s many successful shots from the three-point zones, but I knew that it was just a matter of time before he missed. It was different than the certainty of James’ method. And even with both scenarios, I saw the game as either brawn, pardon the pun, or currying favor (with the gods, i.e. depending on them), where, for example, Curry was visibly influenced by what he perceived as affronts to his character or responses to his just not making shots that were statistically less likely to be successful. I knew instinctively that brawn always wins over finesse.

Anyway, knowing that it took one one of these stratagems, and certainly not to lessen the contributions of all the other players and the free-throws and the like, but I am just not into it anymore. I see basketball for what it is: Two groups of men running back and forth on a wooden floor and either pressing their bodies into the other players or pulling away for a brief moment to get off a shot.


  1. I am not into sports but I generally tend to regard basketball being less aggressive than football. To me basketball also seems more dynamic. I think brawn vs. finesse in any team sport also depends very much on the team itself and on their couch: I mean the sort of moral values and playing strategies they instill. Some teams play more aggressively while others are wonderful examples of team work where every one helps the other. This is probably the greatest thing about Barça (Barcelona Football Club). You see them playing and they show finesse. And you have Messi as the outstanding performer but he does not harm any player from the rival team; instead, he helps his own team. As far as basketball I think it should be the same as in any team sport. By the way, NBA have Catalan player Pau Gasol, who was born where I live, in Sant Boi de Llobregat.

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