Sports Metaphors for our Political and Work Forces

For years we have been witnessing one of capitalism’s idealistic metaphors in American football and now MMA fighting. The biggest men, lead by a chief strategist, throw a ball around and run toward a goal, they hit each other, block and protect their team members. Or with MCA, they completely annihilate to near death and knock out their opponent. It’s no wonder people, who believe that, “Doing what you love and the money will follow” are living, a bit, in a dream world. It’s not really strategy that gets you far but might and as Naomi Klein said it in her book Shock Doctrine, it is a slash and burn economy. Screw TED Talks and psychics, we have basketball, football, boxing, MCA, and other metaphors for true relationships between and among people. Civilized? Are you kidding? We are heading toward the fastest and hardest workforce in the world. Only the strongest, potentially least humane will win in the end. As the money is being sucked out of the economy and harnessed by a few, most of us will be surprised by the ethnic or national privilege that we once enjoyed.

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  1. Great reflective and thought provoking post, Mario. I have never liked the physical aggressiveness team sports involve because I am too risk averse. That is why I succumbed on October 1 last year and during the following days after watching the Spanish police forces beating up peaceful voters at the Catalan referendum. I could have been one of the over 1000 injured people. Since then I have a bit of a trauma added to my natural risk aversion to physical aggressiveness in general. The Spanish state could not sent the army straight to us, but the police used the same war tactics. They hit some people on their faces, pulled women’s hairs, pushed elderly people to the ground, grabbed more than a woman touching their most intimate parts… The excessive force was clearly against human rights as Amnesty International (I am a member) keeps on explaining.

    Sadly enough the issue of sports you are dealing with here is strongly controlled by capitalism as you point out. I like this for the sad truth it contains:

    “Only the strongest, potentially least humane will win in the end.”

    When you say “ethnic or national privilege” no longer being enjoyed I see the demographic pyramid, which favors black people in the US, for example. If black people keep on being marginalised and mistreated then will fight back in time. The question is what kind of fight back this might be: a non-violent civil resistance movement or vengeful aggression.

    Finally, I want to send you this link about how the pharmaceutical industry has become an organised crime killing many people thanks to capitalism:

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