• You need time and concentration. Any piece of music with someone singing is distracting, even if I cannot understand the language. At least this is my personal case. Instead, symphonic, classical music that is also relaxing works best, like Mozart, Debussy, Chopin… Your music is beautifully soothing and your longer instrumental pieces are the best for me. Correcting exams is usually too hectic due to lack of time. Relaxing music makes me forget about this. It calms me down. I have recently corrected exams and assignments with different pieces from this author: https://soundcloud.com/spiritualmoment

  1. I am listening to that music now. There was a faint reference to something I had heard and then a deep distancing effect. It is Thanksgiving Day!

    • You know what is marvelous is that this “Spiritual Ascension” piece reminds me of a huge cathedral I requested permission to play in only to find that it is currently too busy, but where I may be able to play in in the future, which is very exciting. It has the most glorious acoustics.

      • I know, that’s why I mentioned it. I wonder how much these cultural issues affect people of different countries? We get together and eat a bunch of food, then go home. It is fun being with family and close friends.

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