1. You are incredibly prolific and multifaceted. These paintings are awesome. You’re sure you want to sell them? I don’t know which one I would pick because I like both very much. Perhaps the South-African for its many colors. But the Sunflowers… isn’t that the one that goes along with your poem Fall Leaves here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSnFM8GeRAo

      • Your Fall Leaves youtube video is a very nice combination of different arts. I love the poem, very sensual, musical and eloquent; also the way it is read, and how it relates to the painting and the music. But first I had to read the poem several times and look up some words I didn’t understand. It is not enough for me to listen to a poem. I need to see the words written. Now I can appreciate the whole combination. It touches me. Love it!

  2. My name is Lourdes, a friend of Marta’s. I like the second painting, “Beach…” very much. It reminds me of Joan Miró’s paintings.

  3. I like the contrast between the dark night and the shiny sunflowers. Perhaps you don’t like the night?
    The second artwork reminds me of the ocean and the fish, the types of coral and the whole life under the sea.
    Very nice and poetic!

  4. Sonia and I (Montse) like both paintings. To us the sunflowers represent hope in the darkness. Beautiful!!!! And the second painting is colourful. We also like it very much because of that. Very nice artworks!!!
    Have you already sold them?

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