“Sunflowers at Night” and “Beach ball in South African” are oil-on-canvases. “Sunflowers…” is 6 x 12 feet and for sale. “Beach…” is 6 x 10 feet and also on sale.



  1. You are incredibly prolific and multifaceted. These paintings are awesome. You’re sure you want to sell them? I don’t know which one I would pick because I like both very much. Perhaps the South-African for its many colors. But the Sunflowers… isn’t that the one that goes along with your poem Fall Leaves here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSnFM8GeRAo

      • Your Fall Leaves youtube video is a very nice combination of different arts. I love the poem, very sensual, musical and eloquent; also the way it is read, and how it relates to the painting and the music. But first I had to read the poem several times and look up some words I didn’t understand. It is not enough for me to listen to a poem. I need to see the words written. Now I can appreciate the whole combination. It touches me. Love it!

  2. My name is Lourdes, a friend of Marta’s. I like the second painting, “Beach…” very much. It reminds me of Joan Miró’s paintings.

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