Spread Freedom

‘The intent is to unify with intent to do good, not to be divisive and do harm. Let’s celebrate each other.
Lyrics and vocals by Mario Savioni
written to pair with Rachel LaFond’s solo piano piece ‘Serpentine.’
Music used with Rachel’s permission.
Check her out at @rachellafond’

Spread Freedom

Linked to sorrow

Nightingale mourns

The moon’s a sparkler

In the sky

Somber moments

Chill the air

Fortune stirs the 

Cleverest among us.

We partake of 

the gentle season’s smile.

In the night, 

We stare into 

Each other’s eyes.

I travel with you through the trees.

Into the snow, our shoes sink

To curb our progress,

But angels are due

To sit with us, 

In the clean air

Angels are due to survey 

The state of affairs

We know where we stand.

We stand together:

Facing the truth

Facing the sky

Facing the sun

Facing each other,

And knowing the way.

We are in unison.

We are true friends.

We are friends, indeed.

The long-awaited attendance

To our needs.

We are free

We are free

Free to be.

Sorrowful (Lyrics by Mario Savioni of Ashot Danielyn’s Dark Sorrow)

This time, I mention you,


Out to the furtherest bell in the sea

The sky light falls beneath the earth

And everything is still.

Waves barely beat upon the 

Surface, their light little smiles

Disappearing in the dark

Their bodies barely rolling in the sand

The mood is turning light into dust.

The fires are burning and most of us 

Can barely breathe.

I reach out to you,

Can you hear me?

Somewhere in the night, I call

Somewhere in the night, I whisper to you.

Somewhere, somewhere, I think of you.

The sea leaks out

Then comes back,

Over and over.

You’d think our lives would change,

But they do not.

We were put here to work and 

Not complain.

But, the work we do is beautiful.

It is teaching others of the Earth to be.